Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rewards from Allah is what we hope for...

When we help others, they tend to take advantage on us..

When we make unintentional mistakes, other condemn you hard

When we smile, cause it's sedekah, people think we have hidden agenda..

When we on a good spirit, others tend to break it

Come to think of it. People always have something to say. Whether its good or bad. We can never satisfy everybody.

Don't let others look down on us. We know who we are. And Allah too..

What truely important is that we know everything that we do is from our heart.. Always.. InsyaAllah

Rewards from Allah is what we hope for... pray

Forever and always..

InsyaAllah..thumbs up

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proaspurians92 said...

thats right..we never can satisfy everybody...